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We are Your Hardwood Flooring Experts with over 40 years experience.We are a family owned and operated company and strongly believe in quality, NOT quantity! We offer all services associated with Hardwood Floors, including but not limited to: Installation, Sanding, Staining, Waxing and Repairing ALL wood flooring. We will install laminate, engineered, and pre-finished floors also! Call today for your FREE, no obligation, in home estimate and see the difference for yourself! 630-260-9724 or 630-300-8968



The most popular choice among homeowners, so if you are looking for your floors to be significantly different from your neighbors, you might want to choose a different hardwood.


This flooring is both beautiful and stable. Because this wood contains both soft and hard cell structures, it receives stain differently and can look blotchy. A hardwood floor professional can explain this further.


This is a popular choice for customers who like the look of natural hardwood. Very durable, not too dark and is not high priced. This is the domestic hardwood that is the hardest and has a more distinctive grain pattern, because of the grain variation it may look patchwork and can be very attractive


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